February 27, 2010

Guessing Game 1

Guess how many candles are in this box.
Whoever gets the closest number, wins a virtual gift from me.
I will give you the answer on Tuesday.

God Bless !!!!!!

February 26, 2010

My Office

Everyday, my sister, my brother and I go to our learning center to do our schoolwork. My mom, my sister and I go to school by walking because it's near our house and my brother rides his bicycle. Sometimes when my dad is just at home, he drives us to the center.

Here is a picture of us at our center. We have our own work table which we call our "office". My mom supervises us. She also works for our community library at the same time.

This is our community library next to where my office is. When this picture was taken, we still have fewer books but now this room is almost full.

Sometimes my mom has many things to do at home so I have to do my schoolwork at home. This is me working on my PACE in our living room.

What to do in an Earthquake

Did you know that there are other ways to be safe in an earthquake?

I learned from my Science lesson this week that great damage is sometimes caused by landslides and tsunamis rather than the earthquake itself. People who live in an area where earthquakes are likely to happen should remember certain rules:

1. Act in very quiet way.
2. Trust God to take care of you.
3. Think and pray before you do anything.
4. If you are indoors during an earthquake and cannot get outside, stay away from the windows and other kind of glass.
5. Watch out for high pieces in the room such as bookcases or dressers, which may fall over.
6. Some safer places to be are under a table or bed, in a strong doorway, or in a corner away from the windows.
7. If you are outdoor during an earthquake, get away from high buildings or power poles. Try to move to an open area.
8. If you are in school, do as your teacher tells you to do.

Here is a picture of an earthquake.

" Always remember that God is in control. Ask him to take care of you and then trust Him to do it."

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February 19, 2010

Warning Signs of Earthquakes

Did you know that before an earthquake, animals can sense that something is about to happen?

I learned from my Science lesson that zookeepers report that animals will not go to their dens before an earthquake. Animals living under ground come out of their holes. Dogs and cats become very excited and active. God has made the bodies of many animals so that they can sense the danger or changes on the earth such as weather changes.

This is a picture of a bear getting out of the cave.

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February 11, 2010

The Boy Saw A Volcano Born

Did you know that a boy named Pedro was the first boy to see a volcano born?

I learned from my Science lesson that in February 20, 1943, when Pedro and his father, Dionisio Pulido, were plowing their cornfield, Pedro felt something on the ground that was very warm and he thought it was an earthquake because the ground was shaking. He saw an eruption of ashes and stones. The volcano grew quickly reaching 5 stories tall in one week, and could be seen from afar in a month. After One year, the volcano had grown 336meters(1,102.36ft) tall. For the next 8 years the volcano would continue erupting, burying the nearby villages with ashes and lava. All the people living there had to be relocated.

This is a picture of Paricutin Volcano. It is named after the place Paricutin.

People in Mexico call it as "Mexico's Pet Volcano".

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February 2, 2010

How Do I look?

This is how I look today.

Would you still follow my blog if this is how I look?

Ahoy there!!!
Hahaha. I hope you have a good laugh today!