April 25, 2010

Answer the Riddle 2

Hi, want to join the game?

Here's what you should do.
Answer the Riddle
If you answered the riddle correctly you will win a virtual gift from me.
Have fun !!!

I am small but you can't see me at night and I can sleep upside down.

I'll give you the answer on Monday.

April 14, 2010

This morning, after I cleaned the house I was surprised when there were three comments by Aunt Renee. There were two awards! Thank you so much Aunt Renee, I really love them.

I would like to give these two awards to:

My sister @ Zoe's World
My cousin@ Sweet or Tweet
and Tsavah @ My Sisters and Me

April 13, 2010


My sister and I really like taking pictures using my cousin's cellphone. We really have fun doing it. After taking pictures, my sister and I decorated them. Here are the pictures we made.

They were many of them but other pictures were deleted. I'll show you more next time.

Play time

Today my little sister, my cousin and I were playing water and we had so much fun. These are the pictures that we took when we were playing water.

My sister and I went out to fetch a pail of water. I fell down and splashed her shirt and my sister got angry.

Put your hands up! Hahaha

Thanks for dropping by!!!

April 9, 2010


Do you know how to take care of rabbits?

If you want to take care of rabbits, here are the things you should do.

First, you should find a house for your rabbit, like a cage in the picture.

If you're going to feed your rabbit, what they eat are pellets and vegetables.
Also allow them to have an exercise.

If you have a baby rabbit, it is not easy to take care of them.

To take care of baby rabbits, this is what you have to remember.

Scent. When they still don't have fur don't touch them because if you touch them the mommy rabbit will think that it's already dirty and eat it.
Food. If you feed them don't let them eat pellets or vegetables. They drink milk from their mother's tummy.

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April 3, 2010

Jesus Is Alive!

Do you know why we celebrate Easter?

We celebrate Easter to remind us that Jesus loves us very much. He died for us to save us from hell, and three days after He rose from the dead and is alive again!!!

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