March 26, 2010

Bathysphere and Bathyscaphe

Did you know that in the year 1930, a man invented the bathysphere?

I learned from my Social Studies that a man designed the bathysphere so that it could be lowered from a ship by connecting cable onto the ocean floor more than a half a mile, almost one kilometer, from the surface. Cables are strong ropes made of metal. Divers could stay under water in the bathysphere for several hours. However, in a bathysphere, it was not possible to follow around the interesting animals of the sea. Once the bathysphere was lowered by the cable, it had to remain there until the cable was pulled up again.

This is a picture of a bathysphere.

Later, a more complex vessel was invented. It is called a bathyscaphe. In bathyscaphe, scientist can remain under water for several days in order to study the conditions of the ocean floor and the kinds of animal life which live there.


A bathyscaphe was used to plunge into the greatest ocean depth known to man.

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The winners are...

Here's the riddle I posted last week:

What instrument you can hear but cannot touch and see ? Answer: your voice

The winners are...... Aunt Renee and my cousin, Tweetie.

Here is the virtual gift for Aunt Renee and Tweetie.

I made it by myself. Hope you like it. Thank you for joining the game. Watch out for more!

March 20, 2010

Answer the Riddle

Hi, did you remember the game last time I made for you? Well, some of you did not see it , but here's another game for you, it's called Answer the Riddle.

Whoever gets the right answer wins a virtual gift.
Here is the riddle.

What instrument can you hear, but can't touch and can't see.

I will give you the answer on Friday.

March 19, 2010


Did you know that the study of the ocean is called Oceanography?

I learned from my Science lesson that Oceanography actually includes many different science. For instance, some scientists in oceanography study the different kinds of energy found within the ocean. Men study about heat energy, light energy, and sounds found in the ocean. Other scientists of oceanography study how weather affects the oceans, in turn, and how oceans affect the weather. Other oceanography study the living creatures and tiny bacteria of the sea.
Even though scientists study for many years , there are still many many questions about the sea they cannot answer. Some questions will actually never be answer, although men will continue to search for answers.

Here is a picture of a lovely sail boat sailing on the ocean.

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March 12, 2010

Important English Lesson

Here are the grammar rules in changing singular words to plural that I learned in my English lesson this week.

1. When a noun ends with f or fe, we sometimes change the f or fe to v and add es.

Example: wife - wives
self - selves
wolf - wolves

2. When a noun ends in y with a consonant before it, we change the y to i and add es.

Example: family - families
enemy - enemies
puppy - puppies

3. When a noun ends in y with a vowel before it, we add s to make it plural.

Example: boy - boys
toy - toys
key - keys

4. There are some nouns that we must change the spelling to make them plural.

Example: child - children
goose - geese
ox - oxen
mouse - mice

5. There are some nouns that stay the same for both singular and plural.

Example: Japanese - Japanese
sheep - sheep
salmon - salmon
trout - trout
deer - deer

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March 7, 2010

2 More Awards !!!!!

This morning when I opened my dashboard I saw one comment then I clicked the comment and read it then I was surprised because I saw two sweet awards from Aunt Renee and Jacob. Thank you so much aunt Renee and Jacob, I really love it.

This is the award from Aunt Renee .

And this the award Jacob gave to me.

Thank you so much!!!

March 5, 2010

Oceans in The World

Did you know that there are five oceans in the world?

I learned from my Science lesson this week that most of the world's surface is covered with water. If all the water on the earth could be poured into huge tanks a mile long on each side a mile high, it would take 330 million tanks to hold the water. That many tanks would be enough to reach the sun. Each ocean is connected to the others like one vast ocean. Vast means very great. Most land areas are north of the equator while water areas are mostly what we see south of the equator. The equator line runs east and west.

Here is a picture of an ocean.

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March 2, 2010

The winners are...

For the guessing game last week, there were 27 candles in the box. my mom helped me count them so we're sure that there are 27 of them. So the winners who made the closest guess are.....

Aunt Laura from Goose Hill Farm. She won a graphic gift from me: the Butterflies in a Snow Globe!!!


Britt from Britt's Backyard; you won a virtual gift that is a pretty bluish green dress.

Thank you for joining the game.