December 30, 2009

We're Having A Party!

Mom and Dad are cooking and baking. Relatives and friends are coming tonight. Yaayyy!!! It's a party! How about you? How do you celebrate the New Year? I hope you have a happy one.

December 23, 2009

Thank you And Merry Christmas


Thank you for all the greetings. I hope you have a happy celebration of Christmas.

December 21, 2009

Two More Awards!!

I woke up this morning with a very good news. My mom and I checked my blog and saw that Aunt Renee gave me 2 beautiful awards. Thank you very much!!!Aunt Renee is Jacob's mom. Visit their blogs here: A Pilgrims Journey and GLOW Academy.

First Award
I would like to share this adorable award to young bloggers like me
who also have adorable blogs. (I think this only fits in girls' blog)

Mary Helen and Gracie @Two Sisters ~ Best Friends!!!

Second Award

I would like to share this award to all big lady bloggers who have lovely blogs.
Miss Zara @ Christian Maidens throughout the World
My Mom @ Celebrate Friendship and Daily Divine

Tree-climbing Challenge.

We always live in big cities so I do not know how to climb trees.
But now we have trees in our new house. So I took the challenge of climbing a tree.

It was not hard the first time but I really don't like bees in the tree!!!
See my face on the second photo? I saw a bee and was really scared.

My little sis did it too.

She's better than me because she loves to climb monkey bars so climbing a tree was easy for her. And when she climbed there was no bee!!!

December 20, 2009

12th Post And 12 Followers

I'm happy to announce that I now have a dozen of sweet friends and followers. To all of you, here's my welcome treat: a hot chocolate drink! Thank you for following my blog. Merry Christmas! Keep warm!

December 19, 2009

Shhh...We're Having A Party

Baby Luke came over at our party.
Check out our homeschool blog to see what fun we had. Click this link: School Holiday and A Party

December 18, 2009

My Guest Book!

Another Award

Thank you so much Tsavah!!!

These are the rules to accept this award:

1. Announce who has given it to you,
2.Send this award to at Least 1 person,
3. Share your most favorite candy in the world!

My favorite candy is Mints!!

People I'm awarding:

My mom @
Daily Divine and Celebrate Friendship
Renee @ GLOW Academy
Jacob13 @ A Pilgrims Journey
Tweetie @ sweet or tweet
Tsavah @
My Sisters and Me

December 16, 2009

My first Award

My First Award

My mom @ Daily Divine and Celebrate Friendship gave me this award. I'm so thrilled to receive it and be part of her circle of friends. Thanks, Mom!

To accept this award, I am to tell you 5 things about myself.
1. I sing.
2. I dance.
3. I swim.
4. I skate.
5. I'm friendly!

I want to pass this award to my new blogging friends:

My Cousin Tweetie @ sweet or tweet
Jacob @ A Pilgrims Journey
Maggie @ Behind the Teen Scene
Tsavah @ My Sisters and Me

December 15, 2009

Swimming time with my sister

This is a picture of me and my sister.

Me and my sister both love swimming.

This is where we swim once a week.You can see there are lots of slides.

This is the other side of the pool. Isn't it a good place to swim and have fun?

December 14, 2009

Snowball Fight

Merry Christmas!!!!
Have fun watching this video and have a happy holiday!!!!

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December 2, 2009

Me and My Little Sister

I always have fun with my sister.
Here are some of our pictures where we wore the batik housedresses my mom made for us.

I really loved the dress my mom made.It almost looks like I have a twin sister.

My Old Drawings

I attended an art class when we were in Malaysia. Here are my work during that time. I was 7 years old then.I used pastel crayons.

November 21, 2009

What I Did On My Birthday

I turned 10 on November 10. I went ice skating with my big brother and my little sister. It was my first time. My brother paid for it as his birthday gift for me. We had lots of fun.

It was hard at first but when I kept practicing, I was able to do it easily. I fell down 4 times but it didn't matter because I just loved it.

After that, we went to have a good dinner with my Mom and Dad. It was a happy birthday for me.

November 7, 2009

My Crafts and Arts

Hi,welcome to my " Crafts and Arts". I hope that you'll enjoy seeing my artworks and crafts.
Here are the pictures of what I made in my house.

 Here is a picture of me helping mom make the preschool look beautiful.

     This is a picture of me and my sister make Christmas lanterns.

I made a paper hat for my playtime with my little sister.

                   This is me painting a mug with an acrylic paint.

Hope you enjoy your visit. See you again.

November 6, 2009

My Very First Entry

This is my first post. This blog is about me. My mom helped me to start my blog as her birthday gift. I'm turning 10, 3 days from now. I hope this blog will grow more sweeter in the coming days. Keep visiting me here.