June 29, 2010

By The River

Do you like to be by the river? I think it is a cool and beautiful place. I wish this drawing I did is a real place so I can go swimming, catch a fish, and pick flowers. Would you like to go with me?

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June 27, 2010

Sparkles, The Hungry Kitten

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Violet who had a kitten called Sparkles.
One day, Violet was busy talking to her friend. Sparkles went to the
kitchen where Violet was. Sparkles asked for food but Violet was busy. 
So Sparkles went outside to search for food.
Then she stopped by at the Sweet Shop.
She looked in the window to see if anyone was there but she saw no one.
 When Violet was not busy anymore, she was wondering why Sparkles was not at home. So she searched for Sparkles while Sparkles searched for food.
When Sparkles couldn't find any food she went back home straight to the kitchen.
When sparkles got to the kitchen, Sparkles saw an empty bowl.
After seeing an empty bowl, Violet finally saw Sparkles and now knew why Sparkles was gone. She was looking for food! Violet finally gave Sparkles some food.
 The end

This is my first story for our Creative Storying Project. 
Hoped you liked it.

My Week In Yellow

I went to the market with my mom and dad and found this yellow mango that look so sweet.

I found this yellow beany thing very interesting. My mom said that our South Asian friends like this. We bought half kilo but mom haven't cooked it yet.

Another day we went to the mall. I asked my mom to snap a picture of me here for my Mellow Yellow post. Sooo yellowy cute.

I found this yellow flowers when we went to buy groceries. Another yellow photo!

Thank you for stopping by and happy Monday everyone.

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June 23, 2010

Watery Field Trip

I wanted to join Watery Wednesday so my mom helped me to look for pictures to share.We found some during our field trip last year.

We went to Ancient City where there were many temples. We saw many ancient paintings on the wall.

We also went to see a floating village. All houses were on the water and we saw people selling food on boats.

We did a lot of fun things the whole day. And this is the funniest.

My brother and I pretended to have a sword fight to imitate the statues around us.


I think I won the fight!

Happy Wednesday to everyone.
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June 14, 2010

Sweet and Yellow

When my mom and my dad went on a trip, they left me a gift on their bed. I really loved it.

When they got back, my mom and dad took us to "Dunkin Donuts " for a sweet treat.

My parents are surely sweeter than these sweet, yummy donut.

! Thanks mom and dad !

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