March 31, 2011

Safety With Acids And Bases

Hi, bloggers! Today, I just learned about strong acids and bases.

Did you know that strong acids and bases can be very dangerous?
Many acids are very strong and powerful.Most cleaners are powerful and could cause burns on the hands and in the eyes. Sometimes someone gets burned with a strong acid or base. What should you do if you or someone near you gets burned?
The first thing you should do is RUN to the nearest faucet or sink and begin to run cold water directly on the burned place. If the burn is and "acid" burn, after all the acid has been washed off, you should immediately wash the burned area with a weak base such as water and ammonia or baking soda and water. This will make sure that all the acid has been completely neutralized.
If the burn is a "base" burn, the same directions about washing the area of the burn with water should be followed However, after washing thoroughly with water a weak acid such as vinegar should be poured onto the burned area. Remember, you must act very quickly so that the acid or base will not be able to burn deeply into the skin!

Proverbs 25:20 says " As he that taketh away a garment in cold weather, and as vinegar upon nitre, so is he that singeth songs to a heavy heart".

March 25, 2011

Nothining To Do, So Just Write Something Fun!

Hi, bloggers! Today I got nothing to do so I was thinking of writing something but I don't know what to write! I keep thinking and thinking but then I remembered that tomorrow is Saturday and it is my niece's birthday! If you're wondering why I said niece it's because her mother is my cousin! I am so excited for her birthday :D She's  turning three. Her mother also has a blog, it's called " Realities and Dreams" . I think she's waiting for a visitor. It might be you! Hope you could visit her. Thanks for reading and for visiting.

March 23, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle

Three weeks ago, my mom and dad came back to Thailand from Hong Kong. They bought a lot of stuff. They bought a Jigsaw puzzle from Hong Kong and there were five hundred pieces. It was really hard at the beginning but you get used to it. When my brother told that there were five hundred pieces,I almost shouted but I shouted inside because last time my auntie gave me and my sister two Jigsaw puzzle boxes. We couldn't finish it because it was too hard. But with my cousin's help Tweetie and my brother's help Benjie we finished the puzzle in three days and two nights. We were so happy because we can put it on the wall!

                                         Thanks for visiting and for reading! 

March 22, 2011

Winter In Bangkok????

 Hi, everyone, this is my second post for today because its been a long time since I last posted. I think it's a month now!
Anyway, I have one question for you. Is it cold in your country? 
This month is summer where I live. So it's suppose to be hot. Well last week was super duper cold and we were freezing. It was a very strange weather. My dad told us that it's because of the Super Moon. My brother keeps laughing at dad because he didn't believe him. But I'm still happy for the weather because summer is super hot! And the sun is always shining. My cousin told me at night " Oh, I wish we had a heater. It's so cold!"
Here we are, my cousin, my sister, and myself in out winter coats.

And mom joined us, too!

A Menu Project.

Hi, everyone! Sorry for not posting all the time. I've been busy all the time, well not too busy. Sometimes I go outside and play with my neighbors. And sometimes I play with my cousin and my little sister. Well, if you're wondering why the post title is called "A Menu Project" it's because I made a menu so we know what we're going to eat today.
                                         Here's the menu that I made:

It's easy to make. You can just draw a picture then make an envelope or anything so you can put the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure if you're going to draw a picture use a cardboard or anything hard and don't forget to stick some magnets that you don't need at the back of the cardboard.

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