May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!

♥ I Love You Mommy ♥
♫ I love you mommy ♫
♫ You are my mommy ♫
♫ You make me happy when I am sad ♫
♫ You fill us with love care and laughter ♫
♫ God please bless my mommy always! ♫

May 4, 2011

A Question

Hey bloggers! I'm not really posting something important, I'm just going to ask you if is it hot in your country. And that's it!!!

Have a nice summer!

Notebook Pocket!

Hey guys! Today I'm just sharing you about something that I did two days ago. And here it is.


I found an old jeans that I don't use. So I cut the pocket at the back of my jeans.

Then designed it with a hard plastic ribbon from Zoe's slippers, it is broken already so I asked Zoe if I can have it. Then sticked my initial name letter N.
That's all, hope you like my pocket.

I am joining: ABC Wednesday