October 29, 2010

♥ YAY ♥

Yay!!! I have thirty followers ♥ Thank you so much for following my blog. I thought I won't get my thirtieth follower but now I did get it. Thank you so much everyone for leaving a comment and for being a follower, I'm glad you like my blog!☺☻♥♫

October 24, 2010

How to type cute graphics in your post....

Hi everyone! ☺☺☻☻ If you wanna know how to put a heart♥ or a musical note ♫ on your posts, all you have to do is click Alt then click 3 at the same time (if you want to make the hearts).

If you want to make other shapes,  let me show you how..............

Alt then 14 if you want a note ♫
Alt then 15 if you want a sun ☼
Alt then 4 if you want a diamond ♦
Alt then 2 if you want a dark smiling face ☻
Alt then 1 if you want a white smiling face ☺

Have fun using it☺~☻

Important Note: Use the numbers from the Num Pad which is on the right side of your PC.

October 22, 2010

My Favorite Restaurant

  After, helping my mom at Learning Center, we went to my favorite restaurant. I like it there because the food tastes good. My favorite food is chicken with cashew nuts and vegetables. My family likes the shop now because everything in the shop is new. New furniture and new tables. My mom told me to take a picture while we were waiting for the food. Here is the picture of me my cousin took. I also love the new chair it's so soft. ♥~♥

October 16, 2010

Roses for Grandma

A relative I call Lola (grandma) Marcy just celebrated her birthday. I bought her 3 big red roses from the flower stall across our street, and she really liked them. They're beautiful, aren't they?

October 15, 2010

The Winners are ...................

Sorry, I was late to give you the Award. But I hope you had fun because everybody who joined the game won!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Thank you so much for joining the game and if you wanna know what the game was click Guessing Game 2. Here's the Award, hope you like it.