August 24, 2010

F is for Flowers!

My family went shopping for flowers last on Monday.

Rain or shine, we had fun in the garden.

We are all excited to see butterflies and bees flying to our garden.
Our butterfly garden is almost done. I will show you picture soon.

Here are some of the flowers we just planted:

Hope you have a fun week.

It's my first time to join ABC Wednesday.

August 22, 2010

Yellow Monday

When my mom and I went to pick up my little sister from her dance class, we saw this cute yellow car, we both looked eye to eye and thought of the same thing "Mellow Yellow!" So she wanted me to pose  but the owner came before mom could take a photo of me. LOL. Can you see me behind the car?

We then went to a new mall and found this big shop with a yellow cat! I'm sure it's ok for me to pose here without the cat running away. LOL

I found these yellow stuff that were very pretty.

 My mom said that the bird design would be good for our next project which is embroidery.

Happy Yellow Monday!


I love Blue!

I asked my little sister to take photos of me in my favorite color. 
She did a good job, didn't she?

We participate in the following memes:

August 19, 2010

Sweet Candy Animal Making Game!!!!!!!!!

Hi, everyone! Here's a game for you. Whoever creates a really sweet candy animal, gets an award!

Here's the rule:

  1. Think of an animal that is your favorite.
  2. Then think of your favorite candy.
  3. And mix it all together.
  4. And also post a comment so that I can know what you have created.
And if you wanna know what my candy animal is, it's called "Gum Chew Gum Cub" I think it's funny but I like the sound of it and I also like Gum balls!!!
    "Oh, and also remember to make it really interesting and really unique

    The game will be finished on next Friday so that you have time to think.

    :D  Have Fun :D

    August 18, 2010

    Making Paper Dolls

     This week, one of our projects is paper doll-making. It's easy and fun.

    Cutting board paper for a doll is hard for my littler sister, Zoe, and our friend, Precious. So i had to show them how to carefully do it.

    My doll is now ready for dress-up fun!

    Here's the first dress I made. Can you guess where I got the design?

    Me and my paper doll!

    I can make more dresses for her.